Sunday, August 25, 2013

Once every two or three years

I read a news article that is not tainted by partisan bullshit from time to time. If I had to estimate the frequency of such an occurrence, I would say that it happens once every two or three years.

Student loans are apparently a political issue these days. Democrats want more and more lending, with subsidized interest rates, while Republicans want interest rates to be more of a market issue and less of a government one. Neither party appears to have the gonads to tell the world that college costs have nothing to do with interest rates. College costs are, in point of fact, absolute bullshit.

A four year degree might put you at the front of the line for a menial job, but that's about it. Millions of people, including your humble blogger, are presently pursuing degrees that are unlikely to provide any return on investment. In my case, it really is a long story and I don't care to tell it right now. In the case of most students though, the myth of a valuable college education seems to prevail. So they we borrow money and hope for the best.

I had to shop around for the best value, given that I'm not wealthy and I actually have some small hope of making this whole process worthwhile. I found Arizona State University to be more affordable than the schools here in Michigan, so I became a Sun Devil. For most teenagers heading off to school for the first time though, price is the last thing on their minds. As long as ole Sallie Mae will cover the cost, who gives a shit? Go wherever your loans and test scores will let you go. It's the same mindset that led to the mortgage crisis a few years ago.

The net result is that college in 2013, much like real estate in 2007, is ridiculously overvalued. There's a crash and burn on the horizon, and we have nobody but ourselves to blame. And this brings me to my point. I could take you though the facets of college tuition inflation step by step, but I really don't want to. I am bored with life and even more bored with blogging, so instead I'll point you to an excellent article by Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone. Yeah, I know, Rolling Stone. That hacktastic rag did apparently publish the following piece though, so credit where credit is due. I see an honest and detailed article like this about once every two or three years.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

There's no way they actually televised this, right?

For fuck's sake, I enjoy lowbrow humor and moronic puns more than the next guy, but come on. You didn't think this sounded silly before you put it on television? Then you're a fucking idiot and, quite frankly, I won't feel bad if you get shitcanned and your family can't make ends meet. Sometimes that's just what needs to happen.

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Corleone Institute is accepting nominations.

Through years and years of intensive study, the researchers at the institute have tried to determine who exactly is the most attractive woman on earth. Our researchers are far more lazy and prone to distraction than most, so there's no telling where this study will lead. It seems like some sort of ranking should be in the works, sooner or later.

In addition to their general laziness with respect to matters of research, the folks at the institute can sometimes become obsessed with a single topic and overlook the virtues of other topics. This week's 'topic' of choice seems to be Kate Beckinsale. On a scale of 1-100, her physical beauty is about a 150. And, from the little bit that I've seen the researchers have seen of her, she seems pretty cool. Plus a prim and proper London accent, just for good measure? Oy, she's gonna be tough to beat.

I don't know if any sort of ranking is actually forthcoming. I don't even know if anyone reads this blog anymore. When you work as a tech support guy for a major computer/cell phone company, and therefore spend all day telling elderly people how to set up their ID's for app purchases, blog topics don't come readily to mind. You typically just feel inclined to get as far away from your computer as possible. Maybe my blog has already entered the death spiral from which there is no exit. I don't know.

Assuming that anyone is reading though, the Corleone Institute welcomes all input. Is Kate Beckinsale the most desirable woman on earth? If not, we're accepting nominations. google-site-verification: googlea5e42937fcf52959.html
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